• Five Steps to Search Engine Marketing Success for B2B Companies

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      Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

      SEM is a sure bet to attract the attention of the consumers, and that is why all companies that plan to spread their business activities in China go for this advertisement method. SEM goes precisely in tune with the shopping penchants of the consumers. Because of this, the chance of the searcher entering the company’s online portal is very high. Every time a consumer clicks the search button of the keyboard of his or her desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc., he or she will reach the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). When your promotional material pops up in the SERP, the searcher will see your ad, and he or she will naturally feel a temptation to click it. However, the keyword or key phrase selection is significant here, and a practiced SEO executive will be able to find the right ones. This condition is all the more true as regards the search engine marketing in China (adstochina.westwin.com/eearch-engine-marketing-in-china). Nevertheless, the entailed tasks are a bit different in this country and not the same as in the other regions. SEO managers should take this specific feature into account, and only then, the search engine marketing that they perform will become profitable.

      Five Steps to Search Engine Marketing Success for B2B Companies

      • Devise a Proper Strategy: Tactical planning is essential in SEM. You will have to decide the target audience and comprehend the shopping predilections. Here, the main point that you will have to make sure is the expectations of the consumer segment that you plan to attract to your website regarding the products. When you know the practical needs of the consumers, you will be able to adapt your products exactly in sync with consumer demand.
      • Keyword or Key Phrase: This part is vital and will decide the winning nature of the ad campaign. You will have to find the exact keywords and key phrases that consumers generally use for finding out the online shopping facilities for the products. Keen research is imperative here. When you entrust the task to a professional digital marketing company, they will be able to carry out this task effectively.
      • Content Creation: The words used for the creation of the ad must be practically tempting; the readers must get a temptation to click the ad and enter the site. Reputed and established digital marketing agencies will have their content writers who have relevant experience in preparing online advertisements. The wording must be concise and must carry the essence of the promotional campaign. Moreover, if there is picturization, it must be adequate. The image provided and the related wordings must be in sync with each other.
      • Optimization: You must optimize your website in tune with the keywords and key phrases that you have selected. This optimization is essential to make the site visible to the individual who searches using the same keyword and key phrase. Thus you will be able to gain organic traffic, and these visitors will be genuine visitors who want to buy similar products.
      • Start PPC: The next process is to start the PPC campaigns. The main thing that matters is the significance of the search engines. You will have to abide by the algorithms of the relevant search engines. Consequently, for search engine marketing in China, one will have to take into consideration the functionality of Baidu, Qihoo 360, Sogou, etc.

      Search Engine Marketing – Professional Expertise is a Must

      China is quite different from the other parts of the globe, and one can see this distinctiveness in all matters related to China. As far as the digital world is concerned, the country does not rely much on global search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., and have their specific search engines. Baidu, Qihoo 360, Sogou, etc., are the popular search engines, and the widely held social site platforms are WeChat and Weibo. Consequently, the process of search engine marketing in China will be more or less different from the related scenarios that we see in other parts of the world. The tasks that are associated with the SEO and SEM have different paths, and the SEO manager should address the same with a direct focus as regards the digital marketing methods that exist in the country.

    • Importance of Hiring a VAT Consultant for Your Business

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      Value-added tax or VAT consultants are certified professionals who provide enterprises comprehensive tax services ranging from getting your business a VAT registration to educating your people on the financial impacts of VAT on different goods and services that you deal in. Equipped with a VAT consultancy Dubai you can effectively manage your VAT obligations sticking to its laws, now has been implemented in UAE. Regardless of your business type, the products/ services you specialize in, having a VAT registration is mandatory for your business. So, let us discuss what makes it vital for your business to hire a VAT consultant when working in Dubai with a small briefing about VAT.

      Briefing VAT

      The VAT is basically an indirect tax or consumer tax, which is required to be charged at every point of the supply chain, and ultimately the end-users pay the tax. The introduction of VAT in the UAE will assist its government to decrease the country’s absolute dependence on oil, petroleum and hydrocarbon products as a key source of revenue. This will enlarge its wealth and will get the nation superior amenities like public parks, budget hospitals, student libraries, roadways, and more.

      The necessity of VAT consultancy Dubai

      VAT is complicated

      Like many businesses, as you’re not well-familiar with the regulations of computing VAT, in its process of paying taxes, and getting tax refunds, you should always seek the best guidance of VAT consultancy Dubai. Rather than struggling with the complex rules of calculating input and output taxes and making erroneous calculations, it is always better to leave the matter on experts.

      Expert Knowledge

      Being well-trained and specialized, licensed VAT consultants take care of all your VAT related matters with their great insight and knowledge. The well-versed VAT consultancy in Dubai is consistently prepared to educate the businesspersons or tax-payers concerning the tax rates, what role their team needs to play while working with their tax consultants and enabling them to compute the input and output taxes. For example, they would expect your team to store all purchase bills and sales bills systematically in the files and make a list giving the details of those entries in a separate sheet, which should be tagged on the file. This helps busy professionals to estimate the amount of taxes quickly and seamlessly.

      Avoid Misapprehension 

      As of now, the overall percentage of VAT in the UAE is @5%, while some products and services are considered under 0% too. Typically, having a VAT registration has been mandatory for enterprises having yearly sales turnover at the level of 375,000 AED or above. Similarly, businesses involved in production or trade of food items, bicycles, or health and services like education and social activities are given absolute exemption of VAT. However, for them having a VAT registration is obligatory. Thereby, the complexity of VAT rules has become a matter of confusion to millions of enterprises, and they’re basically on the fence of having VAT registration. This is where working with professional groups specializing in VAT consultancy in the UAE makes great sense as in the first sitting, they review the type of your business, go through the books of accounts to find the annual sales turnover before suggesting you whether or not you are supposed to get registration right away.   

      Shun Mistakes in VAT Filing

      Consequently, due to the misinterpretation and widespread confusion, many small and medium enterprises trying to become registered, computing tax amounts and filing VAT on DIY endeavour are found making loads of mistakes in this process. Mind well, that making any kind of error in Tax issues makes employers legally responsible, and they are seriously panelized with endeavour hefty amount of fine, and it may also lead to a public audit.  Therefore, consider hiring a VAT consultancy Dubai to successfully avoid making mistakes in registration, computation of tax, or tax filing and attain the best essence of being a VAT registered company.   

      Evade Miscellaneous Errors

      It’s astonishing to commercial tax authorities in Dubai that numbers of business houses that come under 0% tax, supply products and services that are having an exemption, or even make less sales turnover are consistently charging VAT. You must not take the commercial law so lightly and remember charging tax in this way makes you lawfully punishable. Aside from this, forgetting the due date of tax filing, using incorrect forms or using wrong TRN number are also some major mistakes that businesses can effectively avoid with a licensed tax consultant firm.  It is, therefore makes better sense that you work with VAT consultancy Dubai and become a partner of the nation’s great project endeavour, intended to national interest and growth.

    • The Amazing Benefits of Corporate Video Production for Any Organization

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      It’s a no-brainer that video is a powerful media today. This is why you see hundreds if not thousands of videos on your social feeds every day whether you use Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. So being a business, if you want to disseminate information about your product or services, a video is the best approach to go for. You could share personal experiences of your users about your product or simply talk about why you are the best among your competitors.

      But how corporate video production can benefit your business? Is it worth investing in? Let’s find out below.

      Helps build brand identity

      It is said whatever you do it is an extension of yourself. This is true when you are making a video for your brand. Images, song, characters, promotional offers all these are just components. The way you mix it and represent it reflects your thought process and how you are as a person. That message builds the identity of the brand. Here it is obvious that you have to keep in mind the target audience and the demographic region.

      Builds a trustworthy relationship with the consumer

      If you can build a trustworthy relationship with your customer, then the consumer might buy your product before finishing watching your video.

      You have to earn that trust by making qualitative and effective videos. You need to make the videos not only interesting but informative about your products because consumers attach a lot of emotion with a product. Sometimes customers testimonial play a big role to earn that trust. Try not to stage out that testimonial. If you provide real-life testimonials, it will give them the confidence to purchase that product.

      Boosts your search ranking

      When you include a corporate video on your website, you would see an increase in the time spent on site by visitors. And Google loves to reward websites that have visitors spending a good amount of time. Your site ranking will boost up and your business will be more visible to your online audience. And the more visibility you will have, the more leads or sales you will have. Isn’t that you always strived for?

      Helps You Strengthen Your Training Process

      Corporate video production is not all about making promo or product videos. You could also make videos to train your employees. When employees can see visually what they have to do instead of getting theoretical information physically, they would have less learning curve and will be operational sooner than expected. Sometimes studying a manual and remembering the processes become difficult for the employee whereas visual demonstration helps them to retain the information for a long time.

      This would save your time and money. You don’t need to train your candidates individually or conduct workshops.

      Helps Build Social Following

      One of the best reasons to engage in corporate video production in NYC is that you will have the opportunity to share your corporate video on social media to engage with your followers or even bring more followers or fans. If your message is compelling enough, it can lead to discussions and comments about your products or services and social algorithms will boost the visibility of your video. And when people like or share your videos on social channels, it’s like free marketing or advertising for your brand where your customers or potential customers do the marketing for you. This, in fact, brings greater return-on-investment.

      Increases Conversions

      One of the biggest advantages of corporate videos is that you can implement a call-to-action statement. You could use the statement to direct viewers to your website or landing page or app to learn more about your product or directly purchase at a discounted rate. And if your statement or message is well-written, you could expect countless conversions. But, be wary of using hard sales pitches because such messages do not work when it comes to an online audience.

      Long story short, corporate video production is the way to increase sales, impress customers and make your business sustainable in the long term.

      So have you made any corporate videos yet? Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

    • What are the Top Marketing Interview Questions and Answers?

      12:24 am By Sandler

      Preparing for a marketing interview can be tough, given the vast scope of the marketing industry. You need to prepare extensively, but, even so, it is not possible for a single person to know everything there is to know, and interviewers understand this. They are not going to expect you to be a walking-talking encyclopedia about marketing, but they will want you to be reasonably well-informed about the part that involves the job you are interviewing for.

      Research the company and the job before you go for the interview.

      Here are some top marketing interview questions and answers for your interview preparation:

      1. What is marketing to you?

      Marketing is a form of communication that is essential for commercial activities. You have a product to sell or a service to offer, and you want to bring these to the attention of the people who are the most likely to buy them from you. To inform them of what you have available, you will make use of advertisements, promotions, and publicity events. You will create posters, flyers, booklets, magnets, mugs, T-shirts, and much else. You will create a website and publish relevant content on it and optimize the site for a higher search engine profile. You will create an online newsletter and ask people to sign up for it. You will go on social media to disseminate your website content and your products and services, and to reach out to current and potential clients and customers. Without marketing, very few people will get to hear about your products and services, and your business would, consequently, suffer. The best type of marketing is the one that people find engaging.

      2. What is ethical marketing?

      Can marketing be ethical? Yes, it can. Ethical marketing involves making ethical and socially responsible choices in what you are going to promote and how you are going to promote it. You will not undertake anything that will give them false information about a product, a service, or a person.

      3. What is segment marketing?

      Marketing is more effective when you target it towards a group of people with similar interests than towards random people with little or no shared interests. Segment marketing is categorizing people into such groups for marketing ease. You can create several segments, free-standing or overlapping one another, with each segment made up of people with shared similarities. The benefit of such segmenting is that marketing professionals can create segments of current and potential customers and can put their marketing resources towards targeting them specifically. Targeting segments that are more likely to buy your products and services will produce more positive marketing results than random, untargeted marketing.

      4. What is permission marketing?

      In permission marketing, the current and potential customers or clients chose to receive marketing promotions from a company. They find out about a company’s products and services through social media, website content, and search engine optimization, and sign up for the company’s newsletters to stay informed about these products and services. With permission marketing, a company can build a long-term relationship with people that buy or are going to buy their products and services. It may take time to build up a customer base with permission marketing, but it can deliver robust and long-lasting results. The customers will support the company because they believe in the worthiness of its products and services.

      5. What is interruption marketing?

      In interruption marketing, the company promotes its products and services with some heavy-duty advertising and publicity campaigns. The point is to reach many people as quickly as possible and get them to buy the company’s products and services in a short time. Such type of marketing is very sales-focused and result-oriented. Success in interruption marketing is about moving so many units in so much time. Interruption marketing doesn’t concern itself with building long-term relations with customers. This type of marketing may not work on an extended and sustained basis. For instance, a heavily promoted campaign may seem novel when it comes out, but, over time, the freshness will wither, and people will develop advertising fatigue and stop paying attention. That will lose the entire point of the marketing.

      6. What are some of the factors that influence consumer buying behavior?

      Internal factors, external factors, and situational factors influence consumer buying behaviors. These can include actual need, perceived need, social pressure, class attitudes, easy availability, bargains, and scarcity. You cannot control these factors, but you can adjust your marketing to them.

    • CRM for Small Business – Companies Must Perform the Process Seriously

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      Significance of CRM

      All companies will have to devise certain organizational strategies for their successful existence, especially, in this competitive market environment. Devoid of such an approach, organizations will find it hard to resist the competition and soon will have to face the consequences, which ultimately will pave the way for their downfall. The foremost of these strategies is a perfect way to manage their customers in a rewarding manner. Here comes the importance of a professional Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Nevertheless, it is equally important that organizations must seek the help of professional companies, which are specialized in the creation of such software.

      Zoho CRM for Small Business – Best for Small and Medium Businesses

      When there is a professional system for CRM, organizations will be able to thrive considerably. Customers are the real backbone of all organizations, and without the full support from them, companies will not be able to achieve their set goals. A proper CRM system will get rid of the lethargy that might have crept into the organizational system that manages the customers. This will automatically trigger the growth of the organization, as the customer will become very much loyal to the company. However, it is imperative that businesses should draft a suitable CRM that goes well with the various functions of the company.

      In our time, there are numerous kinds for software’s, which carry out these functions effectively and at low cost. Zoho is one such system, and this company that competes with the various giant companies in the same field has already captured a sizable market share. This is mainly because of the high success of the system and the minute adaptation that makes it worthwhile for even very small establishments. The company initiated some key tactical approaches for making their product powerful. This includes the supremacy of the overall functionality as compared with the other competitors, the range of the options given to the customers, the easiness of operation, and the full-fledged support given to the customers. Thus, the company was able to float a practically effective CRM for small business, and this has earned the approbation of the customers from all parts of the globe.

      Choose a Functional CRM

      The only thing that the company management must make sure while searching for an effective CRM for small business is to approach a specialized Zoho consultant company. The company must have relevant experience in creating exclusive CRM for small business, and it is easy to find such consultants. The CRM system must include an exclusive help desk for your clientele, an effective email marketing platform, and a handy chat feature. For selecting a proper CRM provider company, you must take the reviews of the existing customers into consideration. You can also compare the offered services and the cost with the other competitors.