• The Benefits of Baidu PPC

      5:32 am By Sandler

      Anyone who knows the digital marketing landscape in China is very well aware of Baidu. This search engine, like many of its Western counterparts, offers paid advertising and promotions for brands and companies, which aim to familiarize or entice Chinese audience with their products and services. One of the most popular advertising formats available on Baidu is the PPC or Pay Per Click model, which charges you when a visitor clicks on the link to your advertisement. Using the Baidu PPC plan for digital promotions has many advantages. A few of them are described below.

      Wide coverage

      Baidu is the largest and most popular search engine in China, covering over 95 percent of Chinese netizens through its offerings. Its share in the Chinese search engine market is over 80 percent, with databases of billions of Chinese websites. It also receives billions of queries every day. The sheer size of Baidu and the population that it caters to allow PPC advertising on Baidu to reach a vast majority of the Chinese population and audience with ease. Any business that makes use of this model is thus guaranteed better visibility through advertisements that get displayed on the search result pages of Baidu.

      Charges for clicks only

      As the name suggests, PPC campaigns are charged only when a customer clicks the ad link, which typically redirects him/her to the website of the advertiser. There is no cost on impressions, or in other words, for displaying the ad on the search result page of Baidu. This makes money spent on Baidu PPC more worthwhile as you are more likely to receive a click from a potential customer than someone who is not interested in your product or service.

      Better targeting capabilities

      Baidu allows marketers to target their audience appropriately using keywords, which further have match types such as broad match, phrase match, synonym phrase match, exact phrase match, and exact match. Plus, it allows more characters to be inserted into the ad text than many other web search engines; a feature that is highly loved by content marketers. In addition to text, Baidu also allows for images or videos to be displayed alongside in the ads. This is particularly seen in the Baidu brand zone, where advertisers can integrate banners, social media links, and much more into a customized ad format. This makes the ads more attractive to searches and also helps improve the click-through rates. The search engine also allows you to set the location and time for your ad to be delivered, a feature that helps to effectively target audience.

      Customizable promotions

      While Baidu PPC ads have minimum caps, they also allow you to set your budget and a daily or weekly spending cap so that you do not exceed spends beyond what is planned. It also allows bid prices for keywords under a certain ad group to be adjusted based on a match on types. This feature adds to the flexibility of Baidu PPC promotions. In addition to the above, Baidu PPC also insights into daily search volume for specific keywords, keyword recommendation etc., which help improve conversions and click-through rates.


      Like many other search engines and their ad services, Baidu offers generic and advanced extensions to make your ad more useful and helpful to searchers. These include Sitelink to add more web links to the add, Shantou for directory and listing of products in categories and sub-categories, as well as Dynamic Callouts, which are displayed as a single sentence under the regular headline to indicate the benefits of a particular product or service. Advanced extensions include those for calls, inquiries, short forms, form submission links, and so on. All of the above-mentioned advantages make Baidu PPC a lower-cost, higher-return option for advertising and digital marketing in China. The PPC program targets customers with an intention to purchase or know more about your product or service, which leads to better visibility and higher conversion rates for your business.

    • Important Reasons to Use Email Filtering Solution for Your Business

      5:26 am By Sandler

      Email Filtering – A Must for All Companies

      Communications through the internet have become popular in our time. Email interactions are of great importance to individuals and companies. There will be business discussions regarding the various individual and organizational matters. Organizations depend on email communications even for numerous promotional activities. Hence, the secrecy of the same is of great significance. Once the competitors become aware of these strategies, the organization concerned will have adverse results, which will obstruct the upward growth. This will be detrimental to the companies.

      However, hackers and spammers are active these days, and they resort to various malicious methods to disturb the security of the emails, send across the various platforms by the individuals, as well as the business houses. This poses a great threat to the secrecy of the related communication. The matter becomes all the more important with reference to companies. However, there is a successful way to thwart the attempts of hackers and to make sure about the security of the email messages that one sends. Taking the professional assistance of expert email filtering services is an accepted method in our time.

      Nevertheless, there is a key factor, which the companies or individuals will have to take care. They must not go for greenhorn methods, which will not yield any results. Instead, one must do good research and find out the most technically perfect and experienced company.

      Some of the top email-filtering service providers make use of the effectiveness of the various available filtering methods to give the maximum possible protection for their client’s email messages. One must research and find out such top email filtering providers and handover the task of email-protection to the most professionally managed one. Remember, there will not be any need to spend heavily for hiring such leading email securing services. All such established email securance companies will charge comparatively very less as regards the overall costs charged by amateur companies.

      Reasons to Use Email Filtering Solution for Your Business

      • Going for the filtering services is the sensible way to do away with the numerous online threats such as phishing, spamming, and the entry of various viruses into the computers. You can make the overall communication system practically healthy. This will make your interactions much more effectual and will be of great help to business organizations, as they can maintain the secrecy of the communications.

      • The system will blend with the existing organizational management system, and the company will not have to buy any additional instruments or technology.

      • You can use provision for having the filtering services to both the inbound and outbound emails. The net result is that all of your office or private data remain totally safe. There will not be any need to worry.

      • Users can take back all of their mails at any time, which means that the system works as a real component of the existing management system.

      • Another notable trait is the ‘On the Spot’ recovery. One will not have to wait for the process.

      • The accuracy and reliable nature of the filtering process will be supreme, provided you have entrusted the task to a technically perfect email filtering provider.

      • Such technically perfect service providers will do the process by applying the latest technological tools that consist of several filtering processes that are anti-spam and anti-virus.

      • They will give full focus on preventing the entry of unsolicited emails and email hacking. Consequently, users can enjoy trouble-free and secured internal communication.

      • Top email filtering providers update the mechanism on a constant basis and will precisely monitor the performance of the system. This systematic approach will safeguard your communications in detail.

      Finding Specialized Providers

      It is quite easy to locate such top email-securing service providers; you can use the internet facility. You must search using a proper keyword like the ‘email securance company’, and you will be able to find a plethora of such agencies within seconds. Nevertheless, while picking a provider, you must make sure that the company management is well qualified, experienced, and technically faultless.

    • The Amazing Benefits of Corporate Video Production for Any Organization

      9:50 am By Sandler

      It’s a no-brainer that video is a powerful media today. This is why you see hundreds if not thousands of videos on your social feeds every day whether you use Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. So being a business, if you want to disseminate information about your product or services, a video is the best approach to go for. You could share personal experiences of your users about your product or simply talk about why you are the best among your competitors.

      But how corporate video production can benefit your business? Is it worth investing in? Let’s find out below.

      Helps build brand identity

      It is said whatever you do it is an extension of yourself. This is true when you are making a video for your brand. Images, song, characters, promotional offers all these are just components. The way you mix it and represent it reflects your thought process and how you are as a person. That message builds the identity of the brand. Here it is obvious that you have to keep in mind the target audience and the demographic region.

      Builds a trustworthy relationship with the consumer

      If you can build a trustworthy relationship with your customer, then the consumer might buy your product before finishing watching your video.

      You have to earn that trust by making qualitative and effective videos. You need to make the videos not only interesting but informative about your products because consumers attach a lot of emotion with a product. Sometimes customers testimonial play a big role to earn that trust. Try not to stage out that testimonial. If you provide real-life testimonials, it will give them the confidence to purchase that product.

      Boosts your search ranking

      When you include a corporate video on your website, you would see an increase in the time spent on site by visitors. And Google loves to reward websites that have visitors spending a good amount of time. Your site ranking will boost up and your business will be more visible to your online audience. And the more visibility you will have, the more leads or sales you will have. Isn’t that you always strived for?

      Helps You Strengthen Your Training Process

      Corporate video production is not all about making promo or product videos. You could also make videos to train your employees. When employees can see visually what they have to do instead of getting theoretical information physically, they would have less learning curve and will be operational sooner than expected. Sometimes studying a manual and remembering the processes become difficult for the employee whereas visual demonstration helps them to retain the information for a long time.

      This would save your time and money. You don’t need to train your candidates individually or conduct workshops.

      Helps Build Social Following

      One of the best reasons to engage in corporate video production in NYC is that you will have the opportunity to share your corporate video on social media to engage with your followers or even bring more followers or fans. If your message is compelling enough, it can lead to discussions and comments about your products or services and social algorithms will boost the visibility of your video. And when people like or share your videos on social channels, it’s like free marketing or advertising for your brand where your customers or potential customers do the marketing for you. This, in fact, brings greater return-on-investment.

      Increases Conversions

      One of the biggest advantages of corporate videos is that you can implement a call-to-action statement. You could use the statement to direct viewers to your website or landing page or app to learn more about your product or directly purchase at a discounted rate. And if your statement or message is well-written, you could expect countless conversions. But, be wary of using hard sales pitches because such messages do not work when it comes to an online audience.

      Long story short, corporate video production is the way to increase sales, impress customers and make your business sustainable in the long term.

      So have you made any corporate videos yet? Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

    • What are the Top Marketing Interview Questions and Answers?

      12:24 am By Sandler

      Preparing for a marketing interview can be tough, given the vast scope of the marketing industry. You need to prepare extensively, but, even so, it is not possible for a single person to know everything there is to know, and interviewers understand this. They are not going to expect you to be a walking-talking encyclopedia about marketing, but they will want you to be reasonably well-informed about the part that involves the job you are interviewing for.

      Research the company and the job before you go for the interview.

      Here are some top marketing interview questions and answers for your interview preparation:

      1. What is marketing to you?

      Marketing is a form of communication that is essential for commercial activities. You have a product to sell or a service to offer, and you want to bring these to the attention of the people who are the most likely to buy them from you. To inform them of what you have available, you will make use of advertisements, promotions, and publicity events. You will create posters, flyers, booklets, magnets, mugs, T-shirts, and much else. You will create a website and publish relevant content on it and optimize the site for a higher search engine profile. You will create an online newsletter and ask people to sign up for it. You will go on social media to disseminate your website content and your products and services, and to reach out to current and potential clients and customers. Without marketing, very few people will get to hear about your products and services, and your business would, consequently, suffer. The best type of marketing is the one that people find engaging.

      2. What is ethical marketing?

      Can marketing be ethical? Yes, it can. Ethical marketing involves making ethical and socially responsible choices in what you are going to promote and how you are going to promote it. You will not undertake anything that will give them false information about a product, a service, or a person.

      3. What is segment marketing?

      Marketing is more effective when you target it towards a group of people with similar interests than towards random people with little or no shared interests. Segment marketing is categorizing people into such groups for marketing ease. You can create several segments, free-standing or overlapping one another, with each segment made up of people with shared similarities. The benefit of such segmenting is that marketing professionals can create segments of current and potential customers and can put their marketing resources towards targeting them specifically. Targeting segments that are more likely to buy your products and services will produce more positive marketing results than random, untargeted marketing.

      4. What is permission marketing?

      In permission marketing, the current and potential customers or clients chose to receive marketing promotions from a company. They find out about a company’s products and services through social media, website content, and search engine optimization, and sign up for the company’s newsletters to stay informed about these products and services. With permission marketing, a company can build a long-term relationship with people that buy or are going to buy their products and services. It may take time to build up a customer base with permission marketing, but it can deliver robust and long-lasting results. The customers will support the company because they believe in the worthiness of its products and services.

      5. What is interruption marketing?

      In interruption marketing, the company promotes its products and services with some heavy-duty advertising and publicity campaigns. The point is to reach many people as quickly as possible and get them to buy the company’s products and services in a short time. Such type of marketing is very sales-focused and result-oriented. Success in interruption marketing is about moving so many units in so much time. Interruption marketing doesn’t concern itself with building long-term relations with customers. This type of marketing may not work on an extended and sustained basis. For instance, a heavily promoted campaign may seem novel when it comes out, but, over time, the freshness will wither, and people will develop advertising fatigue and stop paying attention. That will lose the entire point of the marketing.

      6. What are some of the factors that influence consumer buying behavior?

      Internal factors, external factors, and situational factors influence consumer buying behaviors. These can include actual need, perceived need, social pressure, class attitudes, easy availability, bargains, and scarcity. You cannot control these factors, but you can adjust your marketing to them.

    • Why Should You Hire a Local SEO Company to Grow Your Business?

      1:54 pm By Sandler

      Search engine optimization or SEO can make or break your business. SEO, when done properly, can let your business reach to higher levels. For this, you need to hire a professional SEO company because a high rank automatically attracts higher traffic. This leads to an increase in sales, which in turn increases the revenue.

      Every website that is optimized for SEO looks at two things. The first is a higher rank in the search engine and thus be visible. The second is to get a lot of web traffic, which could be convert to higher sales.

      Why should you hire a Local SEO Company?

      It is a big thing to have a high rank in the local search engine. The majority of users today use the internet to do a search, and the information is used to take a decision. This means that the companies that have a good local presence tend to stand out and generates more sales in the local market. Not being able to get the required traffic will only let your company to miss out on the competition. Thus it does pay to hire a Local SEO Company Houston to create a local awareness about your company and attract more customers to your business.

      Here is why you should hire a Local SEO Company in Houston:

      • Saves cost on the SEO campaigns – It is less expensive to let your business target a particular sector or a particular locality as compared to targeting a global crowd. This is also known as target marketing. The Local SEO Company in Houston helps you to target your business only towards the market that is the most relevant to you.

      • Easier optimizing process – It is easy as well as takes less time to optimize your website on the local search engine pages. All that you need to do is to get backlinks by submitting your website on the local directories and then get the benefit of off-site and on-site SEO. It also saves money on making social media interactions.

      • Offers better conversion – The local SEO is not as expensive as advertising using the traditional means like newspapers and pamphlets. The local SEO targets just the relevant customer base and they are reached only when they need your service. This means that the local SEO will not target the people who may never ever convert to be your customers. This makes it efficient as well as highly cost-effective and also offers better and reliable conversion.

      • Makes it easier to interact – The website is the true face of your business in today’s world where the customers highly depend on internet searches. The local SEO gives exposure to your business, and it also lets the prospective clients to interact with your business. You can understand your website and then make the necessary changes to it to promote the growth of your business.

      • Less competitive – The local SEO has comparatively lesser competition than competing with the global SEO. The probability of getting a higher rank in your locality is more which means more local presence and more sales.

      The perfect way to grow your business

      The local SEO in Houston uses strategies that help in localization of the website, getting the backlinks of high quality, and managing the ratings and reviews. With all these strategies in place, it does let you make a strong presence in your locality.

      The strategies that the local SEO companies use let them target the local clients in a very effective manner. The customers use the internet to look out for any service or any product in their area, and the local SEO lets you reach out to the relevant customers.