Benefits of Email Archiving to Your Business

Businesses are increasingly turning towards Email archiving solutions as an effective means to preserve and protect their intellectual properties by moving their business communications without having to delete old emails or having to invest heavily in new hardware, servers, etc.

As email becomes the official communication channel for interacting with vendors, clients, or even internally with employees, etc., IT administrators face a gigantic task of storing the emails safely without affecting the efficiency of servers. Accommodating new incoming mail becomes a huge task for servers and the IT department, which comes under pressure to create space for new emails; they will have to decide between deleting some of the emails and suggesting business owners to invest further in new hardware, servers, etc.

When you delete closed communication to make room for new incoming emails, it results in loss of intellectual properties, as emails contain very important information, including product updates, trends in the industry, company policies etc., which form important training and reference materials for both new hires and existing employees.

As email has become the official means of communication for businesses, many governments, regulatory bodies require that the companies preserve their emails for a certain period, which makes it difficult for companies to delete old emails before that time. Hence, companies look for an alternative that helps them move these emails to a safe, secure place, creates room for fresh emails without putting pressure on their productive servers, IT department, or requiring heavy investment in new hardware.

In addition, the documented exchange of emails with the clients and vendors serves as proof in case of any litigations or legal matters. Archive your emails so you preserve your intellectual properties and protects your company from any possible penalties, defamation arising out of a lawsuit. Email archiving offers huge benefits to businesses, saving their time, money, and reputation in case of legal issues.

  • Increased productivity: Best email archiving solutions make it easy to retrieve any email with email filtering, helping you look up any email within seconds so you can save time and be more productive. Even if an email is misplaced or deleted accidentally, archiving helps you recover the email easily.
  • Easy storage management:  Businesses acquire huge amounts of data in a very short time with email communication exchanges every day posing challenges of data retrieval to employees and of storage related issues to the IT administrators. Archiving email is a great solution that offers peace of mind to employees making it easy to move or retrieve emails from a simple dashboard, to IT departments by optimizing server space and functionality.
  • Centralize email administration: When you archive your email, you automate the entire storage of emails. It helps employees save time, as IT administrators take up the responsibility of managing large amounts of data. Retrieval of email data becomes easy for employees. Such centralized storage and administration of emails helps save data by minimizing the chances of accidental deletion of emails or deletion because of lack of space.
  • Business continuity: In the event of a disaster, natural calamity, regular maintenance, server crash, etc., email archiving helps you access all your emails safely and securely and helps you receive new emails as well. The end user will see no difference in accessing mails from a production server and the email archive. Once the mail server becomes available, the employees will be able to access data from the main server while, the IT department will move all data received during outage to the primary server.
  • Compliance requirements: As data becomes crucial, protection of private, personal, and confidential information about individuals, customers have become a crucial responsibility of businesses, as such regulatory authorities place high importance on this responsibility of the companies. Compliance requirements specify that companies protect the data safely, securely for a specific period in such a way that is easy to access and retrieve. With the help of Email archiving, companies can meet this requirement.
  • Legal Support: Business may often face legal issues, battles, with the support of email communication or easy retrieval of such communication companies may have to pay heavy penalties.  Email archiving helps save emails for such future legal references and defend companies against any; lawsuit against them. The ability to defend your business not only saves you money, but also helps you improve your business reputation.

With email archiving, you safely, securely store your data in any format word, attachment for easy retrieval with an automated indexing format so you meet the regulatory compliances and help business continuity avoiding disasters, etc.

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