Who, When, and Why of the Content Production Process

Companies involved in the publishing business often need the help of content production companies to meet the and goals and project deadlines. Such content companies often combine publishing service experience and technologically advanced solutions to offer clients quality projects that meet the needs in every aspect.

Who – The people involved in content production process

A content development service company brings together a team for the project in hand.  This group is often headed by a production manager, and includes other members such as writers, subject matter experts, editors, strategists, and so on. In case the writer is an author hired by the publishing services company, a production manager who coordinates with the other stakeholders maybe sufficient. However, when the entire content development process is outsourced by the publisher, the team can also include independent writers, editors, subject matter experts, designers, and so on and so forth.

The writer first researches on a topic that is given by the subject matter expert or a content strategist. This person is also responsible for putting together a cohesive and meaningful piece that appeals to the audience and readers. The editors and subject matter experts step into the next process, which is the review of the content that is developed. This is usually done by a senior editor or an expert who handles the subject that has been written about. The copy is reviewed for quality, and the quality analysts ensure that the different boxes and other guidelines set down by the client or the publishing company are met.

Post the review stage, the writer may be required to revise some or many parts of the copy depending on the feedback receive from the copy editors and subject matter experts. Once this is complete, the copy is sent back to the editors or subject matter experts for the approval and finally to the publisher for client review and sign off.

When to hire a content production company

As a publisher, you can take the help of a content development service provider or a content production company when you are faced with time or resource crunch. It may be possible that you do not have well qualified people in your team to write about a particular subject. This is especially true when the content that needs to be developed includes academic topics or scholarly pieces. You could be working with multiple authors at the same time, and may need the help of a manager who can bring all the writers together, and ensure that all activities get completed on time. In such cases to content production companies can be of immense help.

Why content development companies

A content development service provider can help you establish the correct production process and flow for a publishing project. They can provide you with resources ranging from writers to editors and even production managers who take care of certain aspects of the publishing process or the complete task itself. In addition to writing and editing services, content production companies can help you in assessing art programs, borrowing images and other materials, creating interior and cover designs, conducting peer reviews, creating test material, reference materials, and so one. Such services can be extremely helpful when you do not have the right kind of resources in house, and when it becomes costly to hire new members for just a particular project that spans a very short time. Many providers of content development services also help you upload the copy and other supporting material to the content management system especially when the published work is that of the electronic kind.

In this manner a content production company lets you focus on the more important tasks and projects at hand, and takes off the headache regarding content development activities in publishing.

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