Copy Paper: The Necessary of Around the Office

Today copy papers have become a necessity in every small to the large-sized office, and people use daily for various purposes. But, first, we must thank the Chinese for the invention of a beautiful product as they were the one who first made and perfected the art of making paper. As the Europeans enter China, the spread of paper become a global phenomenon. With so much cutting edge technology used everywhere, copy paper supplied by A4 copy paper suppliers is still an asset and also is the fulcrum involving office work. Although computers have vastly improved productivity, copy paper remains the go-to product in any organization. Now we will be discussing a few types of office papers and their characteristics.

The first one is multipurpose copy paper, which is good for most of the jobs. It is perfect for documents with a professional and crisp look. This type of paper is designed for use in all types of copiers and printers and ideal for large volume printing. It is available in 24 pounds and 20-pound basis weight. You will get in all office sizes as well as a convenient 2500 sheet bulk pack. The opacity is higher and whiter with 92 GE brightness level. The paper is 99.99% jam-free on high-speed digital printing equipment. The paper is environmentally responsible and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This type of copy paper is ideal for memos, flyers, announcements, and inserts. It is manufactured in Canada or the United States.

Another type is a multipurpose paper which is FSC certified fiber for meeting sustainability initiatives while achieving error-free printing. It is also perfect for documents with a professional and crisp look. This copy paper manufactured by A4 copy paper manufacturers is designed to run in all types of copiers and printers. It is available in twenty-pound basis weight and all office sizes. The brightness level is 92 G, and the opacity is also higher. It made of 30% post-consumer recycled fiber guaranteed performance and almost cent percent jam-free on high-speed digital printing equipment. This paper is best for direct mail, memos, and letters. It is made in the United States or Canada.

The third type of paper is 100% recycled paper, which is good for documents where sustainability is the highest priority. This copy paper is ideal for everyday documents, file copies, and memos. It is available in 20-pound basis weight, soft white with 92 GE brightness level, manufactured in the United States and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified. You should always buy copy paper from a reputed brand for daily usage to large-volume jobs and from digital printing to more specialty applications, you will get everything that you need for your professional – looking or business print jobs. There are various product types specially designed for project and usage needs. One type is vitality that is multipurpose papers and always provides you great looking results. Another type is bold office papers that will give you professional quality results that your job demands.

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