Find the Right Email Archiving Solution for Your Organization

Selecting the right email archiving solutions is almost mandatory for businesses. You need to manage your emails without deleting them as these emails serve as knowledge base, proof for any future litigations, and help comply with government and regulatory authorities who require that all emails be stored for a certain period.

Choosing the right email archiving solution will relieve pressure of your productive servers and help employees concentrate more on productive tasks than on managing their emails. In general, the IT departments have a say in making the purchase decision of any technical hardware and software solutions, but when it comes to archiving solutions, you need to consult your business heads, legal executives, and all other parties as these solutions will have an organization wide impact.

A wrong email archiving system may lead to frustration, financial loss, loss of productive time, and more. It is therefore, mandatory to consult all the concerned employees, departments before finalizing a particular solution. In making a purchasing decision, a business needs to consider many factors, so it picks the right archiving solution, while some of these factors may not be relevant to the industry you operates in, there are some basic factors you cannot ignore when shopping for right archiving system for your business.

  • Security: Security is the primary concern when considering the perfect email archiving solution for your business. Your business emails may contain lot of sensitive customer information or confidential business related information, which helps you gain business advantage. You need to protect such information from accidental leakage, hacking, stealing etc., will result in loss of business reputation, apart from dragging your business into many legal litigations. You need to select an archiving solution that offers complete security of the sensitive information, content, data that the archived emails contain. The archiving system should keep all the data highly secret, unless you decide to reveal information for business or regulatory purposes.
  • Data Accessibility: Businesses archive emails to use them as knowledge base, proofs, in the event of any legal disputes, and as sales leads, etc., as such you need to be able to access the archived email easily, quickly without any hassles. Failure to find the required emails quickly will result in loss of time, money, and reputation. Archiving systems use various methods such as indexing, querying, etc., that helps find the records, data easily. Make sure that the email archiving software you subscribe to offers easy ways to pull up any record by keying in any relevant keywords. You should also be able to access records easily by grouping according to date received or sent, by the subject of the email, etc.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility with your existing hardware, software systems is an important consideration before you decide on the perfect email archiving solution for your organization. A solution that is not compatible with your existing setup requires you to change the entire set up costing you a ton of money, time, and efforts in setting up as well as training the IT department and users to understand the new setup. All of this might spell disaster for your organization. Make sure the archiving solution you select is compatible with the existing hardware, software and will easily integrates into the system without requiring any changes.
  • User friendly: The email archiving solutions that you deploy should have a easy user interface so the end-user can work with the system without requiring any training.  From the design to the workflow, the user experience factors should be self-explanatory and anyone with little or no technical knowledge should be able to work with the system.
  • Scalability: Your organization may be a small business, but it will always grow, you may not predict the exact growth volumes and so frequently according to the requirement of the business, you may have to scale up or down the resources to save costs or accommodate growing opportunities. The email archiving solutions you chose should be scalable according to the business growth.
  • Regulatory compliance: One of the mail reasons for deploying an email archiving solution s is to comply with the regulatory and government laws. Some businesses, such as health care, finance, etc., as a rule have to preserve the sensitive data, emails for a prescribed period. The regulatory bodies also lays down the rules as to the format, design and style in which such data has to be preserved. Make sure the solutions you consider comply with all the regulatory guidelines.

With many email-archiving solutions flooding the market, the decision to select the perfect system that suits your business is a tough one. However, with a little analysis, review of the available systems you can select the one that perfectly meets your requirements.

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