How to Choose the Best a Agency for Your Business

Every online activity in China is closely monitored by the government hence it is important for a foreign business to find the right china digital marketing agency that can promote the business well and may also work in compliance with the government to avoid any kind of server shut-down or prohibition of the business. Unlike West and other Asian countries, China does have Google play store, neither it has Google search engine. Instead, it has more than 200 app stores owned by different companies and Baidu, Qihoo 360 and Sogou as the available search engines. A business must understand these factors before expanding their business in China as some businesses find it very different in comparison to online marketing western countries. Discussed below are some of the factors that may help in finding the best digital marketing agency in China.

The requirement and budget of the business

Though digital marketing in China is cheaper than the western countries or other Asian countries, but the business must always have the idea of the budget that it is going to spend for marketing. Another important factor is to be sure about the requirement of the business. Since China is growing as a mobile market with more than 92% of people using the internet on their smartphones, the marketing strategy should also include mobile application in addition to web marketing. Therefore, the agencies that can provide do marketing on both the platforms must be considered. A good digital marketing agency in China knows the value of website translation and domain hosting for a business and therefore, the design of the website or the mobile application, the search engine that the business would like to use and the type of social media account and the preference for the ad format on social media, should be discussed in the beginning. This helps the agency in formulating the marketing strategies that can meet the business requirement and are also in compliance with the law.

Industry experience

The type of industry of the business effects marketing strategies in terms of the audience that it should target. There is a different way to reach a student or housewife as a customer than reaching a corporate or a trader as the potential customer. Also, the type of website and mobile application interface is different for different types of businesses. Generally, businesses prefer to work with the agency that has prior experience of their industry type, but there are certain agencies which can work with a new industry type as well.

Coordination with the agency

Just like any other relationship, business relations are also important, and people who are promoting the business and the agency that is helping them should be happy to work with each other. A business may try a pilot project with the agency before signing the long-term deal. This helps in building up the coordination between the business and the agency.


It is important for a foreign business to do little research about the agency in terms of its address, client list, and previous account references. People in China prefer conversation, and therefore businesses should call the agency’s previous clients to know about their experience with the agency instead of dropping them the mail. A genuine digital marketing agency is always clear about the experience it has, the rates it charge and strategies it used. Some of them also share their experience where things did not go well and how did they handle the situation and what they have improved in their strategies. In case a business finds something doubtful about the existence of the agency, or there have been false promises then that agency is not worth a penny because a foreign business without its physical presence in China completely depends on the agency and thus the complete transparency is essential. All the document work is also done in Chinese language and hence having a reliable agency keeps the business in terms with the Chinese government as well.

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