How to Choose the Best eCommerce Agency for Your Business

If you are looking to enter the eCommerce market in China, you will need the knowledge and expertise of a local partner who can guide you through the complex maze of Chinese eCommerce.

Choosing the right agency can be the most difficult task. There are many unscrupulous agencies out there. Misled by their fake behavior you may fall in their trap. So, how do you find the best eCommerce agency that will honestly work on your projects?

Here are some pointers for choosing the best China eCommerce agency

Look for transparency

Remember lack of transparency is the most overlooked red flag. You should review the eCommerce agency’s website and if you don’t find the information you are looking for like address, client lists, and conviction in describing the work that they have done in the past then it is not a good sign.

If the agency looks like they are trying to hide something or avoiding answering your questions then you should stay away from them. 100% transparency is what you must look for when choosing an eCommerce agency in China.

Check out the reviews

Go through the testimonials on the agency’s website. Also, go through online reviews. Do the testimonials and reviews seem genuine or do they seem made up? Some agencies follow practices like making up their own reviews.

When you read a negative review, it creates a negative impression. Earlier, you could trust negative reviews to be true. But nowadays competitor networks often paste negative reviews to pull a business down. Trust your brain and instinct to separate real reviews from fake ones.

Find out about their knowledge and portfolio

The right China eCommerce agency will have extensive knowledge of the B2C eCommerce platforms like Tmall and JD. If you are looking to set up your eCommerce platform, find out if the agency is experienced in that aspect or not.

Look at their portfolio. Try to find out how they have contributed to the success of their past clients relevant to your industry. Also, try to determine their skill level and expertise. Any committed eCommerce agency will constantly update themselves and invest in training their staff.

Understand what you need

You must understand what you need to do to boost your eCommerce business. Due to the pandemic, businesses are facing problems. But at the same time, many people are turning online to buy goods and services, which means there is a host of opportunities.

At such a time, the right decisions and strategies can help your business grow. You may need to adapt to the changing situation.

Just an example-before Instagram became what it is today, it was developed to enable people to check in their location. But when the makers realized that it was no different from other products that existed in the market they decided to make it into something where communication with images was possible.

Another more relevant example can be that many eCommerce businesses are reinventing and introducing products into their product line to cater to customer demand for such products during present times.

Your eCommerce business should excite and motivate potential customers to buy your products and services. If you haven’t been in the market for long, an eCommerce agency can help set up your business in China and take care of the marketing aspects. But you will need to tell them clearly about your goals.

You should also understand your budget. But remember when you are willing to make your business’s ambitions a reality, there cannot be any set price. But make sure that your money doesn’t go down the drain.

A professional agency should be willing to give you what you want on a reasonable budget. And as you see the benefits, you can invest more.

Test the agency

Find out about the culture and personalities of the people you would be working with. Sometimes it may happen that you feel compatible with certain people. But do they place importance on business ethics and personal values? If not, you need to be on your guard.

The right China eCommerce agency can make a huge difference to your business. Take cognisance of the points mentioned in this article to move forward.

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