Key Requirements of a Successful Baidu Advertising Campaign

Baidu Advertising: What Is Required?

With a soaring number of 400 million users, there’s no surprise that Baidu is China’s most popular search engine. Essentially what Google is for Western countries is what Baidu is for China. This also means that when marketers from the West try to enter the ever-expanding Chinese market, they cannot get by with the help of Google, they need to adapt. Adapt to BAIDU! Most digital marketing agencies in China consider Baidu as their first channel when it comes to paid search marketing.

While most Western companies are well acquainted with digital marketing techniques like Google AdWords, they are clueless when it comes to Baidu. But fret not, for this article will help you ease your way into the world of Chinese digital marketing. Brace yourself for the five most important requirements for a successful Baidu advertising ( campaign!

1. Localization Above All Else

Your brand naturally represents a part of you, which may very well reflect western culture. Is there anything wrong with that? No. However, since Chinese is a massive market (and needless to state, highly competitive) the typical Chinese customer is accustomed to having companies make changes to suit their fancy. Therefore, localization is key. The least they expect from you is to make your website and ads in Chinese. Most companies believe this in itself is the definition of localizing your Baidu advertisements, but it is really just the bare minimum. Keep in mind that it is not just translating your content! It’s about relating your brand to the Chinese customers and tailoring your product to suit their needs.

Pro tip: Don’t rely on research done for English-speaking readers for pay-per-click campaigns. This needs to be done afresh for your Chinese readers! Perhaps a bit more work, but ultimately fruitful.

2. Nothing Like Real-Time Support

This is something most brands leave out because it’s not as common with Western companies, but most Chinese websites have chat boxes. Chinese customers do not need too much going on with their websites but do need immediate communication methods, if required. Most websites have chat boxes, QQ messengers, or calling options. This offers a personalized touch, ensuring them that they are in good hands and that their needs are being tended to. Most Chinese internet users use this real-time support to get information about the product too. When you’re going about your Baidu advertising campaign, ensure to include this feature. Typically, you will find a steep increase in conversions.

Pro tip: If you’re an e-commerce brand, then chat boxes or QQ messengers are a must.

3. Look Out For The Goliath-Sized Competition

A foreign company entering China is not unique. If you’re a David while entering the marketing, let’s just say your competitors are definitely Goliaths, if not bigger. These Goliaths probably have bigger ad budgets and have more experience dealing with Chinese customers too. Don’t be disheartened if you see your rankings fall because of them. Brace yourself to strike back when the time is right. Meanwhile, focus on creating a more customer-centric product, captivating landing pages, and better brand recognition. Run-on trial-and-error; test and improve upon yourself until you seamlessly become one of the Goliaths in the Chinese market!

4. Take Your Time With the Baidu Advertising Setup

Keep in mind that experience in digital marketing campaigns alone won’t help. Most people who’ve tried their hand at Baidu advertising know that it is not as straightforward as Google AdWords. Baidu doesn’t set up your ad accounts but outsources them to other resellers, who may or may not have experience working with foreign clients. Don’t even think about the complications that may arise with reseller authority and regulations. BUT. The good news is that once you get the complicated procedure knocked out of the way, you are officially a partaker in the Chinese market.

Pro Tip: advertisers don’t need a Chinese government ICP license or a .cn domain. The initial deposit is close to 5,000 Yuan and a standard account setup of 1,200 Yuan.

5. Make The Best Out Of Your “Foreignness”

Some of the words we picture when we read “Made in China” are cheap, low quality, and possibly child labor. Some may even think unsafe. Did you know that Chinese people think that too? Therefore, you being a foreign company bringing your Western-ness in with a successful Baidu advertising campaign could work in your favor. A Western brand definitely has a more positive effect than other foreign brands for Chinese customers, and they will immediately perceive your product as “higher quality” (more often than not). Make sure to leverage this thought process to your advantage. Basically, do not shy away from flaunting where your company originates from, incorporate a part of it into your brand. Include it in your brand image, ad copy, and website copy. Don’t overdo it; keep it classy and attractive.

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