Search Engine Marketing Seven Simple Strategies

Compared to search engine optimization, the campaign for search engine marketing in China ( drives traffic to your site within a short time. However, that does not mean SEM is easy. Certainly, if you have enough media budget, you can easily bid for all important keywords and then filter the traffic by reviewing the search query report. Finally, you will be getting quality traffic. But, it takes adequate time and cost extra money. So, what will be an ideal SEM strategy? Below we put down six major steps that you should not skip.

Research Audience

Most of the biding managers or digital firms don’t pay much attention or skip this step. But the fact is this is a crucial step for a successful SEM campaign and is even more vital than a keyword search. If you already know the sex, age, and location of your audience, you can easily set the correct targeting for your SEM. This will help in saving your media budget and also saves your time to review the irrelevant search queries. Before if you are aware of your audience’s needs and what they care, you can easily able to create the right ads and find out the good keywords for targeting them. For instance, if you are planning to target a high-end audience, then your ads must underline the quality rather than the price, and your keywords list should be including more long-term keywords about quality.  So, you must find out information about your audience such as age, sex, device, location, education, interest, income, career, and how long they search.

Research Keywords – Look for the good keywords for your campaign

From the above research, you can easily find a list of important keywords by using keyword research tools like Baidu index, Baidu Keyword Planner, and other third-party keyword tools. Then group the keywords to as many campaigns and ad groups as possible. Each ad group should only be containing the keywords of similar meaning and the part of the speech. By this, you can able to create more appropriate ads copy for each keyword.

Creating proper ads copy for every ad group

Before you want to create ads copy, first learn the specifications and benefits of your product like better quality, low price, safety, good design, fast delivery, and many others. Then based on your audience research, create ads copy.

Setting up a tracking code and tracking tool for each keyword and ad

There are numerous analytical tools available for tracking search engine marketing in China. The benefit of using the tracking tools of local search engines is that the conversion data will be integrated into your SEM campaign so that you can check the conversion in your campaigns easily, which is very handy for the biding manager. If you are running several SEM campaigns in various countries, it is best to use only one tracking tool for collecting from all campaigns.

Account Setup

Upload the SEM campaigns and set up the schedule, budget distribution (by location/device/campaign, etc.), targeting, and all other account settings. In this stage, you should take advantage of audience research as mentioned in the first point, so that you can quickly set up the campaign. There are various offline tools for uploading the campaigns, but most of the settings need to be done from the interface.

Review the performance of your account daily and make necessary changes

For optimizing your campaign, you should always review the key performing indicators (KPI) like bounce rate, CPA, CTR, and the search query report. Then modify your targeting, match, bidding, etc. based on your account performance for improving the traffic quality. Avoid modifying your campaign too frequently and give some time to gather enough sample data before making any changes.

Account Application

For launching search engine marketing, you need to open an SEM account, and that is not an easy process in China. The local search engines will need multiple documents about your business, and some of the documents are not relevant at all in your own country. So, the best way is contacting Sogou/360/Baidu for opening an account. It takes a lot of time for approval, so start your account application whenever you are ready to avoid any delay for your promotion.

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