The Structure of Temp to Perm Agencies

Temp to perm agencies have been powering American businesses offering high quality work force at short notices and on flexible terms that perfectly match the short term or long-term requirements of any business. These agencies help businesses to try before they hire the resource.

Temp to perm staffing agencies have become the go to places for many businesses that require employees on short notice, business that rather like to test a candidate before they offer a permanent role, etc. To leverage the power of such agencies, it is important that you understand their structure and working style to communicate clearly and establish a long-term mutually beneficial association.

Not all temporary to permanent agencies are equal. You need to research the agency you like to collaborate with to fulfil your workforce requirements.

Many agencies, especially start-ups, work as one-man armies, though they may offer experienced staff, it is always in the long-term business interest that you work with an agency that has a proper corporate structure and can efficiently handle all issues.

Staffing agencies usually have managers for each account, each department to offer customized services to businesses. Typically, the structure of a temporary to permanent agency includes:

Administrative staff: These employees are internal to the temporary to permanent agencies and look after the internal administration of the agency. They handle all the incoming calls, inquiries etc. These employees will be the first point of contact for external parties who want to get in touch with the agency for business.

Research team: Temp to perm agencies need to research the industries and the skill sets required for the industries well, so they can offer quality staff to the businesses. In addition, they also need to research availability, where can they find the right candidates and how to train, present them to their clients.

Sales and marketing staff: Staffing agencies employ marketing staff who contacts target businesses and pitch their services. Once the research team identifies the target industries, marketing team initiates contacts with the businesses in that industry and pitch their services. Additionally, they also identify places to find the best of the talent and offer them to their clients using both online and offline marketing strategies.

Client servicing: Client servicing teams are the most important staff for a temp to perm agencies. It is the responsibility of these employees to maintain cordial relations with clients. Once the marketing team signs up with a business, the client servicing team will discuss the requirements, matches the business requirements with the profiles in their database and places the suitable candidates. Client servicing team will address all staffing related grievances that client may have, if the client is not satisfied with the performance of a resource, the team will offer a replacement subject to the terms and conditions as specified in the initial agreement. The team also handles all employee related issues from payroll, leave management, vacation benefits, etc.

The structure of the staffing agency may differ based on the industry they cater to. With the help of responsible staff at every level, these agencies offer the best workforce to the businesses and strive to achieve client satisfaction by addressing any grievance.

As recruitment becomes a complex and expensive process, hiring with the help of Temp to perm agencies saves you time and money.

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